Parker Fluid Connector Group
Compress-Align Fittings


  • Plug 59CA
  • Bulkhead Union 62CABH
  • Nut and Sleeve Assembly 61CA
  • Union 62PCA
  • Bulkhead Union 62PCABH
  • Union 62CA
  • Brass Insert 63PT
  • Union Reducers 62CA
  • Female Connector 66CA
  • Union Tee 164CA-264CA
  • Union Tee 164CA combination sizes
  • Male Connector 68CA
  • Union Elbow 165CA-265CA
  • Gage Tee 168CA
  • Female Elbow 170CA-270CA
  • Male Elbow 169CA-269CA
  • Male Run Tee 171CA
  • Male Branch Tee 172CA
  • Adapter Tee 176CA
  • Female Branch Tee 177CA
  • 45° Elbow 179CA
  • Seal Plug 639CA
  • Straight Through Tank Fitting 682CA

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No flaring, soldering or other preparation of tubing is necessary.
Preassembled fitting, with captive sleeve. Sleeve is always oriented for correct installation, visible for inspection before and after installation.