Parker Fluid Connector Group
Intru-lok® Flareless Bite Type Fittings

Nuts, Ferrules, Inserts

  • BIP
  • BI2
  • BTI2
  • TI2
  • TIP
  • T23UI

  • HBI2
  • WBI2
  • TRBI2
  • FBI2
  • GBI2

45* Elbow

  • VBI2
90* Elbows

  • EBI2
  • CBI2
  • DBI2

  • JBI2
  • SBI2
  • RBI2
  • OBI2
  • MBI2
  • KBI2
Plugs and Caps
  • PNI
  • FNI
  • T22X

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Bite Type Connection: The Intru-Lok design includes a precision machined ferrule to assure a safe, leak-free, and vibration resistant connection compared to compression fittings. This provides a more reliable fitting where proper assembly can be verified by a visible bite by the ferrule into the tubing.

Ease of Assembly: Intru-Lok products include a ferrule and nut that do not need to be removed prior to insertion of the associated tubing for final assembly. Along with the low assembly torque require, the overall installation process is reduced, saving time and money.

Knurled Nut: In areas where wrench clearance are not available Parker offers an alternative knurled BIP nut. This nut can be tightened by hand allowing for quick assembly and disassembly without the use of tools.