Parker Fluid Connector Group
ParKlamp Inch Tube Clamps

The ParKlamp system is designed for restraining tube, pipe and hose assemblies against unwanted and potentially harmful effects of mechanical shock and vibration forces that are common in fluid power systems.

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Model Series

Standard Series

  • Clamp Halves
  • CP Cover Plate
  • BCP Hexagon Head Bolt for Cover Plate
  • IPS Insert
  • BIP Hexagon Head Bolt for Insert
  • LP Locking Plate
  • SB Stacking Bolt
  • WP Weld Plate
  • WPE Weld Plate Elongated
  • Mounting Rail
  • HRN Hexagon Rail Nut
  • CRA Channel Rail Adapter

Heavy Series

  • Clamp Halves Heavy
  • CPH Cover Plate Heavy
  • BCPH Hexagon Head Bolt for Cover Plate
  • LPH Locking Plate Heavy
  • SBH Stacking Bolt Heavy
  • WPH Weld Plate Heavy
  • RH Mounting Rail Heavy
  • RNH Mounting Rail Nut Heavy
  • CRA Channel Rail Adatper

Twin Series

  • Clamp Halves 
  • CPT Cover Plate
  • BCPT Hexagon Head Bolt
  • LPT Locking Plate
  • SBT Stacking Bolt
  • WPT Weld Plate Twin
  • Mounting Rail
  • RNT Mounting Rail Nut Twin
  • CRA Channel Rail Adapter

Tube Clips

  • Tube Clip 3121-1
  • Tube Clip 3121-3
  • Tube Clip 3121-4

The clamping system is the most commonly overlooked aspect of fluid power system design. Failure to properly restrain the fluid conductors can result in leakage, downtime and system malfunction, as well as significantly reduce the life of tube, pipe and hose assemblies. With the ParKlamp system, the risk of problems resulting from mechanical shock and vibration can be significantly reduced.