Parker Fluid Connector Group
Seal-Lok O-Ring Face Seal Tube Fittings

Key Features

  • Leak-Free
  • Rugged Construction 
  • High Pressure Rating
  • Vibration Resistant


  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Gas Handling

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Trap Seal™: The patented trapezoidal seal of the Seal-Lok tube end allows for maximum o-ring retention in the CORG groove.  This advantage over the competition increases the productivity of assembly as well as offers the maximum assurance for a leak free connection. Ultimately, operational and maintenance costs can be avoided.

Resistance to over-torque: The minimum requirement for a Seal-Lok connection is to withstand 200% torque above the rated value. This reduces the frequency of metal distortion and the potential of leaks. Seal-Lok reduces production assembly and maintenance costs by its resistance to over-torque.

Zero clearance: The flat face of Seal-Lok allows for easy and fast drop-in installation. This reduces rework costs from a design and assembly perspective. Maintenance cost can be avoided due to the time savings of disassembly and assembly.

High pressure rating: Seal-Lok offers a high pressure rating which can be used in a wide range of applications. This provides the opportunity to standardize across multiple product lines, saving procurement and inventory costs.

Superior Plating: Superior plating gives Parker steel tube fittings unmatched protection against red rust. In neutral salt spray test per ASTM B117, Parker Triple-Lok fittings substantially exceeded the SAE requirement of 96 hours to red rust.

Robust Port Stud: The adjustable port stud is manufactured with a longer locknut designed to cover the uppermost threads completely. Since the backup washer is never exposed to the upper threads, it cannot be damaged during assembly. During assembly, exposed upper threads, as common with fittings from other fitting manufacturers, can lead to a deformed backup washer that can pinch the o-ring and create an o-ring extrusion gap that has the potential to leak. The longer locknut also provides a greater grip area for the wrench.

Unlimited reusability: When a Seal-Lok connection is completely assembled and disassembled, very little metal is distorting in the connection. So, Seal-Lok allows for unlimited reusability in the field, reducing the component replacement and maintenance costs of the connection.

Universal Push to Connect (UPTC): Parker's UPTC offers a quick and easy way to assemble Seal-Lok configurations. UPTC is ideal for hard to reach applications or to speed up the process of assembly. The tangible operational and maintenance costs associated with each connection made will be reduced when using UPTC.