HYDAC Thermal Fuse Plugs - GMP6

Key Features

  • Safety device approved according to PED 97/23/EC with CEmarking and Declaration of Conformity
  • Variable capability of connecting to bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators
  • Suitable for large volume accumulators
  • Particularly suitable for outdoor applications (e.g. Offshore)
Part No.
  • 3517438 
  • Connection Type: ISO 228 - G 1/4

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HYDAC GMP6 Thermal Fuse Plugs are safety devices that automatically bleed accumulator gas pressure in the event of a fire. The Thermal Fuse Plug mounts directly to the gas end cap of a piston type accumulator, via a permanent gauging block for bladder and diaphragm type accumulators.

Permitted operating pressure:

  • 725 to 5076 psi

Temperature range:

  • -40* F to 176* F

Melting point:

  • Between 320* F and 356* F


  • Stainless Steel