Parker Hydraulic Group
AD Series Diaphragm Accumulators

Key Features

  • Operating Pressures to 250 Bar
  • Capacities from .075 to 2.80 Liters
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Low Cost, Non-Repairable Design
  • Nitrile & Hydrin Diaphragms
  • Durable Metric Gas Valve
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Diaphragm accumulators provide an affordable means of enhancing the performance of a hydraulic system. They are suitable for storing energy under pressure, absorbing hydraulic shocks, and dampening pump pulsation and flow fluctuations. 

Shell – high strength alloy steel

Ports – steel

Button – Delrin

Gas Valve Stem – steel

Diaphragms – Nitrile (NBR) or Hydrin (ECO)