Parker Hydraulic Group
4000 Series Piston Accumulators

Key Features

  • 2" thru 6" Bores with Over 50 Standard Capacities
  • Five Standard Seal Options to Handle a Variety of Fluids and Temperatures
  • Patented V-O-ring Piston Seals 
  • Serviceable Threaded End Construction

Available Options:

  • Special and Stainless Steel Materials
  • Piston Position and Velocity Sensors and Switches
  • Special Seals
  • Non-Standard Capacities
  • Water Service
  • Ports
  • Fixed Gauge Mounts
  • Fuse Plug Assemblies
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Heavy Duty Service with 4000 PSI Operating Pressure

Series 4000 Accumulators Provide the Compatibility and Performance Specific for Your Mobile Application.

Pressure Ratings

Parker 4000 psi piston accumulators are all rated at minimum 4 to 1 design factors. 


Parker’s piston accumulators are compatible with a wide variety of fluids. Standard accumulators (with nitrile seals) may be used with petroleum-based industrial oils or water-based flame resistant fluids. Optional seals compatible with most industrial fluids are available with temperature ranges from -45°F to 325°F (-43°C to 162°C). 


Units are shipped with a nominal nitrogen precharge as standard. For specific precharge pressures, specify at the time of order. 

Gas Valve

Series 4000 accumulators and auxiliary gas bottles are equipped with a high pressure cored gas valve cartridge as standard.