SK Series Piston Accumulators

Key Features

  • High Pressure Ratios
  • Large Volumes of Oil
  • High Fluid Flow Rates
  • Volume Monitoring by the way of piston position sensor or switch systems

HYDAC piston accumulators consist of:

• A cylinder with a finely finished internal surface
• An end cap on the gas side and fluid side, sealed with o-rings
• A lightweight metal piston
• A variety of sealing systems are available depending
on the application

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Piston Accumulators are a cost effective option for numerous functions involving energy storage, and sometimes shock absorption in a hydraulic or fluid system.

Seal Materials

The following sealing elastomers are available, depending on the operating conditions:

• NBR (acrylic nitrile butadiene rubber)
• FPM (fluoro-elastomer)
• PUR (polyurethane)

Suitable materials are also available for low temperature applications.