Parker Fluid Connector Group
JIS Fittings

Model Series

  • F3T4
  • PNMT4
  • FNMT4
  • V3T4
  • C3T4
  • F3P4
  • HP4
  • G3P4
  • PNMP4
  • F63P4
  • G63P4
  • HP46
  • FNMP4
  • C3P4
  • V3P4
  • P47OMN

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Parker introduced Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) adapters in the early 1990s to address market requirements for OEM and replacement fittings. These fittings are typically used as hose adapters on equipment designed and/or manufactured in Japan and Korea. Parker’s JIS adapters are designed with 30° flare and 60° cone connections and typically incorporate BSP threads. 

Parker JIS adapters are designed with BSPP and BSPT port ends and two styles of hose ends: T4 (30° flare, BSPP threads) and P4 (60° cone, BSPP threads). Two additional Parker series of fittings, KA (Komatsu flare) and K4 (BS B5200) adapters, are similar to JIS style fittings and appear in sections I and J of this catalog.

The T4 and P4 interfaces, as shown in Fig. H1, provide end user flexibility of connecting to the most common Parker hose ends available as listed in Table H1. 

Parker’s JIS adapter offering that uses the BSPP port connection are manufactured in accordance with the JIS B2351 type “O” port connection which is commonly used for higher pressure systems. Fig. H2 illustrates this port connection and Table H2 shows appropriate JIS B2351 O-rings and dash sizes.

It should be noted that Parker offers two very similar cone style BSPP adapters — P4 and K4. Parker’s K4 (60 cone, BSPP) fittings conform to BS5200, while Parker’s JIS cone adapters meet JIS B8363 specifications. These fittings, while very similar, are not interchangeable. See the I section of this catalog for more specific information on their differences.