Control Technologies Accessories

Cable Harnesses, Cabling and Connection Technology

  • Cable Harnesses for Controllers
  • Cable Harnesses for Displays
  • Connection Blocks
  • Installation Accessories

Accessories for Training, Development, Testing and Servicing

  • Starter Kits for CODESYS®
  • Starter Kits for C Programming
  • JTAG Adapters
  • Break-Out Box (BOB)
  • Controller Test Rigs
  • Manual Controller Test Rig (MTB)
  • Remote Controlled Controller Test Rig (RTB)
  • Accessories for MTB/RTB

  • Sensors for Applications with increased functional Safety / Diagnostics
  • Electronic Pressure Transmitters
  • Electronic Pressure Switches
  • Electronic Temperature Transmitters
  • Electronic Temperature Switches
  • Sensors for Distance and Position
  • Level Sensors
  • Flow Rate Transmitters / Flow Switches
  • Speed sensors
  • Sensors for potentially explosive Atmospheres
  • Condition Monitoring Products
  • Service Unit
  • Monitoring and display Units

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The right accessories are needed to turn control devices, visualization solutions and expansion modules into customized complete solutions.

Whether it is the wiring and connectors, the mounting accessories for installing devices, or the relevant proven operating elements that you need – the wide range of products from HYDAC always offers the right solution for every application.

The range of accessories from HYDAC also includes starter packages, termination boards, as well as test rigs and presentation boards for training and development purposes.