1620 Series TestPoints

Key Features

  • Can be coupled and uncoupled under pressure without system shutdown or fluid loss
  • Patented guided piston design for leak free performance at operating pressure to 9000 psi
  • HYDAC guided piston design provides the following advantages over ball seal design:
    • Higher working Pressure
    • Better sealing characteristics particularly under high vibration
    • Less susceptible to fluid contamination
    • Can be used for gases as well as fluid

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HYDAC series 1620, guided piston design, TestPoints are compact, self sealing couplings that provide access to hydraulic and pneumatic systems for pressure measurement to 9000 psi. Mating adapters or hose connections can be connected without loss of fluid while the system is operating. TestPoints can also be used to take oil samples or to bleed air from hydraulic systems. They are available in 1620 (M16x2.0) connection threads with a variety of screw-in port configurations.