CSI-F-10 Series GSM Radio Module

Key Features

  • Status indication for:
    • Network strength (4 LEDs)
    • Signals (2 LEDs, programmable)
    • Device status (1 LED)
    • GSM status (1 LED)
  • Can be connected to CMU 1000
  • Simplest form of programming using “Drag & Drop” on user interface
  • Up to 5 telephone numbers can be stored (for access via GSM)
  • Parameters can be set online
  • Sensors connected via M12x1 male connector
  • Very compact design

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The GSM radio module CSI-F-10 is an allpurpose electronic unit for transferring data and digital signals via the GSM mobile radio network. As part of the HYDAC Condition Monitoring concept, among other functions, the CSI-F-10 links the sensor level with the interpretation level.

The unit is designed both for stand alone operation and for use as a GSM modem on a CMU 1000 (HYDAC Condition Monitoring  unit). 

Up to two HYDAC SMART sensors such as HYDACLab®, AS 1000 or CS 1000 can be connected to its input sockets. In addition it is also possible to monitor various different system conditions via the four integrated digital inputs and to relay the data in binary form with the aid of the two integrated digital outputs. Through these digital outputs the device can also access the monitored machine / system directly.

The CSI-F-10 processes and monitors the input signals using the application program stored in it. Which data are to be monitored, and how, and at what point a particular message is sent, is defined in detail in this program.

This application program can be created easily and conveniently (in accordance with IEC 61131) using the CM Editor, which forms part of the HYDAC PC software CMWIN Version V03 or higher.

Depending on the application, the user can choose independently between two operating modes of the CSI-F-10 and hence define the type and content of the communication.