H Series Miniature Piston Pumps

Key Features

  • Pressures to 276 bar (4000 psi)
  • Displacements from .156cc/rev to .865cc/rev (.01 to .05 in3 /rev)
  • .156 to .865 cc displacement per revolution.
  • Designed for open circuit systems
  • Fixed displacement - Output is controlled by motor speed
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +149°C (-40°F to +300°F).
  • Naturally aspirated to 5000 rpm and above depending upon viscosity
  • Porting on sides or rear
  • Will operate efficiently on extremely thin (1 cS) fluid
  • Multiple pumps, special configurations and bi-directional pumps are available on special order. 

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Once in a great while there’s a breakthrough design whose versatility opens broad new opportunities. Oildyne’s mini pumps are a prime example.

Mini pumps pump or meter hydraulic oil, brake fluid, and Mil 5606 with equal ease. Need greater versatility?

These fixed displacement axial piston pumps are efficient and powerful too. Tests run on 78 SUS viscosity fluid at 100°F @ 3000 psi showed 90 percent volumetric efficiency. Capable of 276 bar (4000 psi) operation, mini pumps are available in nine model sizes from .156 to .865 cc per revolution displacement.

Compact size, versatility, efficiency, power and speed are quietly combined in a very cost competitive package in Oildyne’s mini pumps. They’re suitable for most applications requiring compact power including automotive, marine, medical and military uses.

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