2VHL Continuum Series Helical Rotor Transfer Pump

2VHL Continuum® Pumps are transfer pumps designed to handle a wide variety of fluids, with no operating noise. The rotors of 2VHL Continuum® Pumps have been designed using the well known Continuum® helical rotors, which are a byword for silence, energy consumption reduction and high performance.

Key Features

  • Handles fluid with very high viscosity
  • Pressure: up to 25 bar (peak 40 bar)
  • High volumetric efficiency
  • High efficiency at very low RPM
  • Same external dimensions as the most used pump systems
  • Better price than the direct competitors 


  • High Viscosity
  • No Noise

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The Continuum® concept, heart of 2VHL Continuum® Pumps, is based on three patented technological innovations:

  • Rotor Profile
  • The Screw Step
  • The Inner Force Balance

The specific configuration of 2VHL Continuum® Pumps, the high level of technology and the material used are the perfect combination for the last generation wind mill industry. 2VHL Continuum® Pumps stands for long life as the wind mills industry requires.

Special helical rotors eliminate pulsation ensuring a continuous flow of the fluid. This ensure a longer life time for the system filter. No pulsation is equal to no vibration to give longer life time to the complete system.


  • Industrial
  • Windmill