Parker Hydraulic Group
T6H/T7H Hybrid Technology Variable Piston Fixed Vane Pumps

Key Features

  • Very compact
  • High pressure ratings
  • Low Noise
  • Independent outlets for fixed and variable flow allow simultaneous cycles
  • Internal or external drain
  • Choice of controls
  • Wide range of acceptable fluids
Markets & Applications
  • Industrial - Injection Molding
Model Series
  • T6H20B, T6H20C, T6H29B, T6H29C, T6H29D, T6H29DB

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The hybrid pump is a combination of fixed displacement vane pump B, C, D cartridges combined with a variable cartridge of PV20 or PV29 piston pump. The cartridges are driven by a common shaft without coupling in between they have a large common suction port and two or three independent outlet ports: one for the piston, one or two for the vane pump.