OK Series AC Motor Drive, Air Cooled Oil Coolers

Key Features

  • Highly efficient bar and plate style heat exchangers
  • Externally mounted heat exchangers for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Modular pump and filter options for a plug and play fluid conditioning system
  • Available with HYDAC MF, LPF, and FLND series filters
  • Accessories Include: Thermostats (adjustable and fixed), Integrated thermostatic bypass valves, and pressure bypass valves
  • Up to 50 HP cooling capacity
  • Packaged systems with pump flows ranging from 8.45 gpm to 61.8 gpm
  • Maximum flows (w/o pump) up to 61.8 gpm
Model Series
  • OK Series
  • OKA Series
  • OKAF Series
  • OKF Series

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The OK Series cooler design uses an axial fan assembly which draws air through the cooler. This offers excellent cooling capacity.