2SV Series 2-way Solenoid Cartridge Valve

Key Features

  • The 2SV directional seat valves are designed for a flow rate of up to 30 I/min
  • cartridge valve with standardised installation dimensions means that it is flexible and suited to many different applications
  • in the closed position the flow paths are shut off by means of a cone seat
  • minimal wear and long life due to hardened and polished control elements
  • high level of switching safety even after long periods of non–actuation at high pressure
  • long life and low noise level due to wet–pin solenoid armature
  • the compact design allows space
  • saving installation in connection housings and control blocks
  • simple assembly and service
  • friendly cartridge valve technology
  • electro–magnetic actuation available in all standard international DC and AC voltages 
  • many types of electrical connections
  • low electrical power consumption at high hydraulic switching capacity 
  • solenoid coils can be rotated through 360 and exchanged without opening the hydraulic system A wide range of connection housings is available for optimum adaptation to a multitude of applications.
Model Series
  • 2SV1E1Z
  • 2SV1E1Y
  • 2SV5E2Z and 2SV5E2ZR
  • 2SV5E2Y and 2SV5E2YR
  • 2SV5E1V
  • 2SV5E1W

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  • Nominal pressure pN = 350 bar 
  • Cracking pressure Function Z and ZR with flow direction from port 1 to port 2 and solenoid coil non–energised. Size 1... po = 30 bar Size 5... po = 1 bar 2.2.3. 
  • Pressure fluid Hydraulic oil to DIN 51524 Part 1 and 2. For other fluids, please contact our Sales/ Technical department.
  • Temperature range of hydraulic fluid Min. –20 °C Max. +80 °C Viscosity range Min. 10 mm2/s Max. 380 mm2/s 
  • Flow rate, pressure–dependent Performance limit