SHLI, SHLIR High Flow Cartridges w/ optional Leak Free (SHLIR), 2-way, Size 16-50, Max Flow 550-4000 L/min

Key Features

  • ISO 7368 sizes from 16 to 50
  • Max flow up to 4000 l/min, see section 2
  • Max pressure: 350 bar

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SHLI* are 2 way cartridge valves, with high flow performances and low pressure drops.

The high flow capability of SHLI* permits to reduce the cartridge size in comparison with standard SC LI, see section and consequently a reduction of the overall block dimensions.

The recess dimensions conform to ISO 7368 standard.

They can be used with all standard Atos covers to realize directional controls, see tab. H030 and H040. 

Two different execution are available:

  • SHLI, high flow cartridges without poppet seal.
  • SHLIR, as SHLI, but with special LAP dynamic poppet seal to avoid internal leakages from B to X piloting line, for applications requiring improved leak free feature.

Technical characteristics

  • ISO 7368 sizes from 16 to 50;
  • Type of poppet: 33 and 43 (with damping nose);
  • Area ratio (Aa/Ax), see section ;
  • Max flow up to 4000 l/min, see section ;
  • Max pressure: 350 bar;
  • Spring cracking pressure: 1, 3 and 6 bar (only 3 and 6 bar for SHLIR).


Manifold blocks with high flow performances and reduced dimensions SHLIR: circuits with accumulators, safety valve for vertical loads.