RS Series Counterbalance Valve Up to 10 GPM (38 l/min), 5000 PSI (350 bar)

Key Features

  • Excellent stability through entire flow range
  • Adjustable across specified pressure range
  • Positive stop prevents spring from over adjustment (options V, H)
  • Stroke limiting device for enhanced safety
  • Internal seals to minimize leakage
  • Same cavity as the RP08A-01 P.O. Check valve.
  • Hardened poppet and seat to ensure extended service life and low leakage
  • All external surfaces zinc-plated
  • Industry common cavity

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A screw-in cartridge, 3-port, externally piloted counterbalance valve for precise control of overrunning loads, with load holding capabilities, thermal relief protection and free reverse flow check features.

Counterbalance Valve RS08-01 is a compact cartridge design with operating pressure up to 5000 psi (350 bar) and flow rate up to 10 gpm (38 l/min). These valves are used for

  • Precise control of overrunning loads
  • Positive load holding in any position
  • Protection from pump cavitation
  • Thermal expansion relief protection
  • Preventing actuators from running ahead of the pump supply

Counterbalance Valves have:

  • A built in check valve feature allowing free flow in one direction
  • A relief feature controlling flow in the other direction
  • A pilot signal that overrides the relief setting providing the counterbalance function