JODL Safety Cartridge Valves, 2-way, Leak Free Poppet Type

Key Features

  • Virtually zero internal leakage;
  • Limited pressure drops;
  • Low response times;
  • Great switching reliability even at high pressures and during long rests;
  • CE marked and certified by TÜV for /FV version;
  • Cavity: ISO 17209;
  • Max flow: 150 l/min;
  • Max pressure: 350 bar.

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Leak free, poppet type solenoid cartridges in screw-in execution are normally used to cut off the hydraulic power supply line. They are available in normally closed NC, or normally open one NO configurations.

The /FV versions integrate an inductive position switch (double contact NC/NO)  which supplies the output electrical on-off signal indicating the poppet  position (open/closed), and therefore they can be used as safety valves for emergency conditions.

They are designed fulfill the safety criteria imposed by the European Machine Directive 2006/42/CE.

For details about the applicable EN standards, see, catalog on line page, section P, table P004.