Parker Hydraulic Group
HMI ISO 6020/2 Hydraulic Cylinder

ISO 6020/2 Mount Interchangeable

  • Construction: Steel, Tie rod design; Repairable
  • Standards: ISO 6020/2
  • Bore Size: 25mm to 200mm
  • Strokes: Available in any practical length up to 3 meters
  • Operating Medium: Hydraulic oil
  • Mounting Styles: 12 Standard
  • Nominal Pressure: 210 bar (3000 psi) See catalog for details.

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Rod Gland

  • Removable "Jewel" Rod Gland Assembly with serrated rod seal
  • Double Lip Wiperseal


  • One piece nodular iron piston
  • Filled PTFE piston seals with wear rings

Rod/Rod Ends

  • Chrome plated, medium carbon steel, induction case hardened piston rod
  • Piston Rod Diameters: 12 to 140mm
  • Rod Ends: Three standard choices; specials to order


  • High Strength Tie Rods
  • Heavy-wall steel tubing cylinder body


  • Adjustable Floating Stepped Cushions optional at either end or both ends
  • Stop Tube with cushions available


  • BSPP ISO 228 are standard, other ports available
  • Multiple ports available
  • Oversized or Undersized ports available

Environment Protection Options

  • Water service option
  • Stainless steel fasteners / tierods 
  • Metal rod scrapers
  • Special coatings
  • Rod boots
  • End of stroke sensors
  • Linear transducers

Temperature Range: -20°C to 150°C   depending on seal type