Parker Hydraulic Group
Water Submersible Option for Series 2H and 3H Hydraulic Cylinders

Key Features

  • Submersible depth of up to 5,000 feet
  • Corrosion resistant materials and surface treatments
  • Dual cylinder body seals
  • Heavy duty service
Parker Hannifin Industrial Cylinder Division Water Submersible Option for Series 2H and 3H Hydraulic Cylinders is the right choice for your underwater application. 

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Cylinder Seal Construction Up to 25 ft

  • Standard rod seal and body seals
Cylinder Seal Construction Over 25 ft to 5000 ft
  • Subsea rod seal package that includes a Polypak oil seal and an outward facing Polypak wiper to seal against water intrusion.
  • Subsea body seal package with ID oil seal and body-end o-ring to seal against water intrusion.
  • Not available with 0.625 Ø piston rod

Standard Options for Water Submersible Cylinders:


  • 17-4 PH stainless steel tie rods and Bumax 88 stainless steel tie rod nuts
  • Chrome plated body ID

Surface Treatments for Corrosion Protection

  • Electroless nickel plated exterior (head, cap, body and retainer)
  • Inorganic zinc primer (zinc primer only – without bond coating)
  • Inorganic zinc primer with epoxy undercoat and anacrylic topcoat
  • Epoxy undercoat and topcoat

  • Submersion Depth: up to 5000 ft
  • Heavy Duty Service – ANSI (NFPA) T3.6.7R2 – 1996 Specifications and Mounting Dimension Standards
  • Nominal Pressure – 3000 psi
  • Operating Temperature – -10°F to +165°F
  • 17-4 PH chrome plated stainless steel piston rod
  • Stainless steel name tag affixed with stainless steel wire around tie rod