Flow Ezy Filters
Tee-Ezy Filters

Key Features

  • You can clean and replace the filtering element without draining the tank or taking apart piping.
  • You can monitor filter dirt build-up by adding a dirt indicator.
  • Optional bypass valves are built in to product the system from a dirt-clogged filter.
  • You can filter suction or return lines.

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SUCTION LINE Typical installation shows how pipe acts as a housing around filter element. Standpipe does not entirely enclose the TU-series element: it need only extend to below minimum fluid level of the tank. A vacuum gage may be mounted just ahead of pump to indicate differential pressure across the filter

RETURN LINE Typical installation shows that piping set-up is similar to suction line installation: The only difference is that the TD-series element is used, to handle flow "down" rather than "up".