Parker Filtration
12S Series High Pressure Filters

Parker’s 12S design is lightweight and compact, while designed for extreme service. The 12S is also easy to service and install. Features include many reliable indicator options to support preventive maintenance and data collection. Drain ports promote cleanliness and serviceability. Microglass III elements offer high efficiency to keep systems clean and reliable. Increased dirt holding capacity means longer service life. 

Parker’s 12S is designed for high pressure (up to 20,000 psi/1,379 bar) operation (port and indicator options may limit max. pressure).  12S filters feature application verified filter media to protect system.  12S is designed for extreme performance: optional 12S with FFKM seals and/or welded element.

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  • Offshore - High Pressure and Aggressive Environment
  • DI Water - Water Fogging
  • Food Processing - Caustic Washdown 
  • Test Stands - High Pressure