Flow Ezy Filters
Y-Filters with Micron Rated Filter Element

Key Features

  • True Micron Rated Filter Element
  • 4 times greater surface area compared to common Y-strainer
Y2 Filter
  • 250 PSI Rated
  • 316 SS
  • 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" NPT Connection Sizes

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Y-Shaped Housings

Y-2 Ordering Codes

Pleated stainless wire elements are housed in Y-shaped housings for four times the element area of a typical Y-strainer.  For suction and return line service. Pipe sizes 1/2 thru 2 in., with a choice of element ratings down to 25 micron. Y-6 is now available in aluminium and stainless steel ( See Price List ).