Parker Hydraulic Group
T12 Dual Displacement Bent-Axis Motors

Key Features

  • Low ripple torque
  • Low starting torque
  • Low noise
  • Bi-rotational technology
  • Various pilot, threaded port and porting configurations
  • External/internal drain option
  • Many displacement combinations for double motor

Markets & Applications

  • Forestry - Feller Bunchers, Skidder, Forwarder
  • Construction - Dozers, Excavator
Model Series
  • T12-60, T12-80

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The T12 two-displacement motor is tailor-made for track drives. It allows a high ratio between high and low speed and installs as easily as a fixed displacement motor. Max speed ratio is 3.33- to-1. The T12 is a cartridge motor based on the well proven V12 series. The specially designed end cap with dual side ports permits a very short installation. A simple setting device moves the cylinder barrel to the maximum or minimum displacement position. The setting is controlled by an external hydraulic pilot signal. A brake valve can be fitted without increasing the axial length of the motor. The twin ports have the same mounting pattern as those of the F12 and V12 motors. The F12/V12 accessory valve program also fits the T12 motor. As an option, integrated pressure relief valves can be included.