Brevini Power Transmission
High Efficiency Conveyor Drives

Key Features

  • Higher mechanical efficiency.
  • Increased thermal capacity.
  • Increased torque capacity.
  • Lower Total cost of ownership and operation.
  • Extended oil change period.
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This new Brevini PIV conveyor drive range is especially designed for the tough requirements of our customer’s applications in the mining and bulk material handling industry. It features an impressive improvement of thermal performance and enhanced mechanical efficiency.

The heart of our concept is the modular thermal system. It allows improvement of the performance of conveyor drives according to the specific needs of the application.  The German quality of these POSIRED ADVANCED gearboxes, together with our new modular thermal system guarantees the best solution for our customers: tailored to meet tough power requirements and perfectly adapted to local conditions.

The outstanding mechanical performance and increased thermal capacity of our new conveyor drives offers competitive advantages. In many cases selection of smaller gearbox sizes is possible.

Accessories and options from our standard POSIRED range, such  as:  back stops, external cooling systems, heating systems, double extended shafts.

  • Nominal Torque Up to 940,000 Nm
  • Transmission Ratio Up to 112 iN