Brevini Power Transmission
Industrial Slewing Drives

Key Features

  • Compact dimensions with high performance.
  • Simple mounting with operating reliability.
  • Quality certification.
  • 10 harmonically developed sizes.
  • Maximum Torque Up to 200,000 Nm
  • Transmission Ratio Up to 1,987 iN
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This wide range of Brevini planetary gear units is specifically designed for pinion and slewing ring drives. Successfully employed on tower cranes, shipboard and harbor cranes, wind generators and as steering drive on ship propulsion systems, they can be used in all applications where accurate positioning is called for. These Brevini slewing drives are suitable for the most severe duties in every environment.

The design of the planetary units optimizes torque performance and radial load capacity, in order to give perfect meshing between pinion and ring gear. For accurate adjustment, some versions have eccentric mounting between the pinion axis and the casing axis. Their wide range of ratios enables the selection of motor size and type which best suits the customer’s requirements and application.

Brevini is proud of its quality assurance policy, including the Type Approval Certificate from DNV.