Brevini Power Transmission
Planetary Track Drives

Key Features

  • High torque and load capacities, to carry equipment over the roughest and steepest terrain.
  • Designed to allow mounting of plug-in motors.
  • Integral multi-disc parking brakes, while still keeping the drive compact.
  • Steel or high-impact spheroidal cast iron structure.
  • Main bearings provided for high radial and axial load capacities.
  • Easy maintenance: filling and draining ports locations easy to reach.
  • Front mechanical seal designed specifically for the earth-moving machines.
  • Maximum Torque Up to 170,000 Nm
  • Transmission Ratio Up to 230 iN

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Brevini planetary track drives are designed for tracked vehicles and earth-moving machines. They have a heavy-duty casing, a short overall length, and great radial and axial load capacity.

Our gearboxes are provided with integral multidisc parking brake and have been designed for direct mounting of hydraulic plug-in motors. The careful choice of the materials and design allows our track drives, CTD and CTU, to be used in the most severe environmental working conditions. Brevini planetary track drive units are the perfect solution for crawled undercarriages, drilling, crushing, screening and piling machines.