Brevini Power Transmission
Planetary Wheel Drives

Key Features

  • Big radial and axial load capacity due to the use of strong tapered roller bearings.
  • High torque capacity
  • Reliable oil seal protection, designed according to our field experience.
  • Universal and SAE input direct mounting flanges
  • The units are designed for their direct mounting into the wheel rims.
  • Maximum Torque Up to 45,000 Nm
  • Transmission Ratio Up to 112 iN
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Brevini planetary wheel drives are designed for self-propelled vehicles with hydraulic or electric motor. They are available in a wide range of ratios, allowing the power system to operate at optimum efficiency. Whatever the type of machine is, up to 2.5 m of tire diameter and 50 tons each wheel, Brevini has a suitable solution to drive it. The versatility of this range of planetary wheel drives is assured by a wide choice of braking systems (drum brakes, disc brakes, negative acting multiple discs parking brake). Thanks to the wide ratio range, there is a solution for any type of transmission and application. The manual declutch system can disengage the gear unit from the motor for emergency towing.