Brevini Power Transmission
Yaw and Pitch Drives

Key Features

  • Compact dimensions with high performance.
  • Simple mounting with operating reliability.
  • Quality certification.
  • 10 harmonically developed sizes.
  • Maximum Torque Up to 200,000 Nm
  • Transmission Ratio Up to 1,987 iN

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Brevini Power Transmission planetary gearboxes are used on different part of wind energy plant: the rotor and the nacelle. Our slewing planetary gear units from the yaw and pitch range are normally used to control blade pitch. The nacelle at the top of the tower is connected to the rotor and houses the gearbox, the electrical generator, the yaw system, and the control system. To make sure that the rotor axis is constantly aligned with the wind direction for maximum energy output, large wind turbines are equipped with a yaw system that allows the nacelle to adjust its position according to the direction and force of the wind. Nacelle rotation is controlled by a yaw system, planetary gear unit with electric brake motor, which is one of Brevini’s most popular products.

Each wind turbine must have between two and six gear units, depending on the size, and the motor can be electric or hydraulic. Two or three-stage gear units, combined with a worm gearbox on the input side, or four or five-stage gear units from the yaw and pitch drive series are normally used. Output pinions can be integrated or inserted.
Brevini is proud of its quality assurance policy, including the Type Approval Certificate from DNV.