Parker Hydraulic Group
M3/M4 High Performance Vane Motors

Key Features

  • Low ripple torque
  • Low starting torque
  • Low noise
  • Bi-rotational technology
  • Various pilot, threaded port and porting configurations
  • External/internal drain option
  • Many displacement combinations for double motor
Model Series
  • Single Pumps - M3B, M4C, M4SC, M4D, M4SD, M4E, M4SE
  • Double Pumps - M4DC, M4SDC

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The M3 and M4 Series vane motors are fixed displacement and designed especially for severe duty applications. The balance vane cartridge concept provides high volumetric efficiency, longer life, lower noise, and a high starting torque efficiency. The double motor is ideal for applications to obtain three-speed operation.