Parker Hydraulic Group
PGP/PGM 020 Series Gear Pumps & Motors

PGP = Gear Pump

PGM = Gear Motor

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Parker Hannifin’s PGP020 gear pumps and motors are an ideal power for the truck industry. With the ½” gears, it measures only 6” from mounting flange to the port end cover and weighs only 25 lbs.

The PGP020 can produce flows up to 29 gpm @ 2400 rpm up to 3000 psi; output to 39 gpm @ 2400 rpm up to 2500 psi. Motors and pumps can be bi-rotational.

A variety of drive shafts and mounting styles are offered to meet your needs. Standard features include rigid, one-piece drive shaft and gears and pressure-balanced thrust plated, which assure top efficiency. A rugged, high-strength, cast iron body provides durability.