Brevini Power Transmission
Lifting / Hoisting Gearboxes

Key Features

  • Quick availability and short delivery times.
  • High product quality from a robust design, made in Germany.
  • Tailor-made production from a modular design system.
  • High degree of flexibility allows for wide range of applications.
  • Cost effective selection for each application is assured by a torque-dense product range.
  • Nominal Torque Up to 297,000 Nm
    • * Up to 1,000,000 Nm on request
  • Transmission Ratio Up to 500 iN

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Heavy lifting gearboxes, in which the cable drum and driving motor are arranged in parallel, require a step-down gear with a correspondingly large axle base. The lifting gearboxes POSIRED N series are designed for this kind of hoisting applications, main hoist, boom hoist and trolley, and ideally bridge the given distance between the motor and cable drum. This PIV Drives series is based on our widespread experience in crane engineering, like: container and bridge cranes, winches and hoisting devices. The accessories needed, such as elastic clutches, barrel clutches, brakes, substructures, are available and can be supplied with the gearboxes.