Parker Hydraulic Group
Torqmotor TC Series Small Frame LSHT Motor

Key Features

  • 15 Displacements: 36 - 390 cm3/rev (2.2 - 24.0 in3 /rev)
  • Max Continuous Pressure: 86 bar (to 1250 psi)
  • Max Intermittent Pressure: 121 bar (to 1750 psi)
  • Max Oil Flow: 57 lpm (to 15 gpm)
  • Max Speed : 902 rpm
  • Max Continuous Torque: 215.2 Nm (1905 lb in)
  • Max Intermittent Torque: 306.1 Nm (2709 lb in)
  • Max Side Load at Key: 3505 N (to 788 lb)

Model Series

  • TC0036, TC0045, TC0050, TC0065, TC0090, TC0100, TC0130, TC0165, TC0195, TC0230, TC0260, TC0295, TC0330, TC0365, TC0390

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High Performance and long life in a reduced space envelope describe Parker’s TC Series motors. High volume fluid flow continually washes across splines and seals to extend their life. Roller vanes and sealed commutation assure high volumetric efficiency and smooth low speed operation.