Parker Hydraulic Group
Torqmotor TL Series Compact Frame LSHT Motor

Key Features

  • Strong drive train
  • High speed valving and full flow drive train lubricated as standard
  • Case drains not required
  • High efficiency roller vanes and sealed commutator
Model Series
  • TL0140, TL0170, TL0195, TL0240, TL0280, TL0310, TL0360

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The heart of the new compact Torqmotor is the strongest drive train in its class. Coupled with this extra heavy-duty drive train are the high efficiencies and low speed performance for which the Parker Torqmotor is known. As with all Torqmotors, high speed valving and full flow drive train lubrication are standard. Case drains are not required. Roller vanes and a sealed commutator maintain high efficiencies and provide smooth low speed performance.