Parker Hydraulic Group

Key Features

  • 5-piston design
  • Wide range of displacements
  • Starting torque from 90-95% theoretical
  • Total Efficiency up to 96%
  • Resistance to thermal shocks T = 176oF
  • Speed Feedback Accessories Optional

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The outstanding performance of this robust product is the result of our original, patented design. Used widely in the injection molding, mining, off shore drilling, oil field, and marine markets, the Parker Calzoni motor is produced in sizes from 32cc up to 23034cc per revolution. The efficiency ofour design allows for a smaller installed product for the same displacement vs. our competitors. Since there are no internal connecting rods, we have greatly reduced frictional drag as well as most thrust loading. By creating a static balance on the shaft we have extended the expected lifetime as well.