Parker Fluid Connector Group

Superkrimp can handle all Parflex thermoplastic and PTFE hose assemblies up through 2" I.D. Its design – with capacity to handle 100R7, 100R8, and 100R14 hose types, coupled with straight or bent tube ends – is the industry’s leading edge in the manufacture of hose assemblies. Unparalleled in its design, Superkrimp needs no special adjustments or gauge settings. Simply insert the unitized or split die train for the appropriate size, and with pushbutton ease you have factory quality assemblies in just seconds.

Part Number

  • 88C-082-PFD...........Superkrimp, 230/240-volt single phase power unit wired for 230 volts, adaptor bowl, spacer ring, spacer plate, no dies. Order appropriate dies from the crimp die selection chart in the General Technical Section, pgs. G-30 : G-41.

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  • Crimps thermoplastic or fluoropolymer hose up to 2" I.D.
  • Rating: 70 ton force @ 5,000 psi maximum
  • Full Cycle Time: 20 sec. w/o adaptor bowl, 15 sec. with adaptor bowl
  • Bench-top design
  • Push button, easy operation
  • Stainless steel crimping
  • Push button ease
  • Approved for use with 100R7, 100R8 and 100R14 hose