HP Series High Pressure Power Units

Key Features

  • High Pressure
  • Compact
  • Low Noise
  • Complete Package
  • Heavy, Rugged Design
  • Global Service

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HYDAC “HP” Series high pressure power units are designed to provide a stand alone high pressure hydraulic power source with controls and reservoir all in a rugged modular construction.

High Pressure

High pressure piston pump elements can provide system pressures to 10,000 psi.


Pump and motor are internal to the tank. Unit can be portable or installed as an integral part of a new design or existing machine.

Low Noise

Pump and motor are oil-immersed, dampening vibration and noise.

Complete Package

Modular design of controls allows for simple or complex circuit solutions all from one source.

Heavy, Rugged Design

Cast foot housing and thick-walled steel tank provide a tough, yet attractive, power unit.

Global Service & Availability

HYDAC is an international company with world-wide resources to service your needs.