Parker Hydraulic Group
V-Pak Low Profile (V8) Power Unit

Parker “V-Pak” Hydraulic Power Units are vertical design, 303 liter (80 gallon) reservoirs utilizing Parker Variable Volume Piston Pumps. 

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  • Vertical Design
  • Submerged Pump
  • Precision Pump Mounting Adapters
  • Suction Strainer
  • Glycerine Filled Pressure Gage with Shut Off
  • Oil Level Gage with Thermometer
  • Relief Valve
  • External Pump Compensator Control
  • Breather and Fill Cap
  • 1800 RPM TEFC Motor
  • Cleanout Cover
  • Pressure and Return Port Block with Safety Relief
  • Remote Pump Compensator Control Valve 


  • D05 (D02) Single Station Manifold with Safety Relief
  • D05 (D02), D08 (D06) Multi-Station Manifold with Safety Relief
  • Pressure & Return Filters (10 Micron)
  • Variety of Manapak Sandwich Valves
  • Heat Exchangers (Air/Oil)
  • Combination Temp/Float Switch - Temp Fixed
  • Single Pressure Remote Compensator
  • Single Pressure Remote Compensator with Low Pressure Standby
  • Bi-Pressure Remote Compensator
  • Bi-Pressure Remote Compensator with Low Pressure Standby