108 Series Hydraulic Power Units

Key Features

  • Pressures to 241 bar (3500 psi)
  • Flows to 2.8 lpm ( 3/4 gpm)

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Our compact 108 Series power units let you put the power where you need it. They’re completely self-contained with an AC or DC motor, gear pump, reservoir, internal valving, load hold checks and relief valves. 

The 108 Series models are designed for intermittent service and come in four standard pump sizes which produce flows of .0098, .0187, .0246, and .0321 cubic inches per revolution. Locking check valves are available in all models. Performance will vary with the type of fluid used. Several hydraulic circuits are available.

108 Series units are available with single- or bi-directional rotation. Single units are commonly used to charge accumulators, power one-direction hydraulic motors and cylinders, provide pilot flow to servo valves, pressurize lube systems and supply multifunction circuits with external valving.

Bi-directional, reversible units operate double-acting cylinders and two-way motors. 

We’d like to work with you on your special hydraulic applications. Our people know small hydraulics. We know how to design them, how to make them and how to apply them. Therefore, we can offer you a practical, economical solution to your fluid power problems.

Oildyne has pioneered top quality, compact hydraulic components since 1955. We can provide standard products or custom design high pressure, space saving solutions to your specific needs.

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