Parker Fluid Connector Group
SensoControl® Adapters, Cables, Software

Key Features

  • Temperature Sensor for Serviceman and the Parker Service Master Easy. Can be used with Parker flow sensors or with an SCTA-1/4 port adapter.
  • Voltage Adapter for use with Auxiliary Sensors to the Parker Service Master Easy.
  • 5 pin to 5 pin Cables Flow sensor, transducer and temperature probe cables for both Serviceman and the Parker Service Master Easy.
  • SCRPM Tachometer for Serviceman and the Parker Service Master Easy Meters. Displays a precision measurement of rotational speed. 5-pin push-pull style connector.
  • SensoWIN™ Software for data transfer from all Parker Service Master meters to a PC (Windows 98 and newer). SensoWin Software is included with Service Master meters. It is not sold separately, but is available for download from
  • Data Cable/Software for use between the Serviceman Meter and a PC (Windows 98 and newer).

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Part Numbers

  • SCRPM-220
  • SCT-150-04-02
  • SCMA-VADC-600
  • SCK-102-03-02
  • SCSW-KIT-152

All Parker SensoControl hand-held diagnostic meters are equipped with the same 5-pin push-pull style connector ports. This allows analog accessories such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, flow meters, tachometers and cables to be compatible with the Serviceman and the Parker Service Master meters.