Parker Filtration
Sentinel Portable Purification System

Key Features

  • Compact Size
    • Will fit through small doorways
    • Makes marine applications possible
  • Automatic Operation
    • Unattended use
    • Reduces labor costs
    • Increases operation time
  • Desiccant Breather
    • Provides dry, clean air intake
    • More efficient operation
  • 316 Stainless Steel
    • Used for primary wetted surfaces
    • No corrosion
    • Product reliability
  • Reverse Phase Switch
    • Enables easy change of motor rotation if out of phase
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Prevents incorrect rotation

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Delivering big results in a compact, lightweight package, the Sentinel is the latest in fluid purification technology from Parker. The system guards over mission critical hydraulic and lubrication systems to effectively attack water, solids and gases while improving equipment health, productivity and reliability.

The smallest in Parker’s family of oil purifiers, the Sentinel’s unattended automatic operation minimizes energy consumption while extending the usable life of fluids. Equipped with Parker’s IQAN MD3 platform control system, the Sentinel provides user confidence in system monitoring while delivering maximum performance on demand.