Parker Filtration
MFP Series Portable Filter Carts

Key Features

  • Two filters instead of one  w/ 2.5 times increased dirt holding capacity
  • Wide variety of particulate  elements available
  • Par-Gel™ water removal  elements available
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Two flow rates available:  5 gpm or 10 gpm
  • Eleven-foot hose and wand assemblies included


  • Filtering new fluid before putting into service
  • Transferring fluid from drums or storage tanks to system reservoirs
  • Conditioning fluid that is already in use
  • Complimenting existing system filtration
  • Removing free and emulsified water from a system
  • For use with fluids such as hydraulic, gear and lube oils
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Parker hydraulic filter carts are the ideal way to prefilter and transfer fluids into reservoirs or to clean up existing systems. Parker filter carts can be used for filtering new fluid before putting it into the system, or conditioning fluid already in use.  The 5MFP and 10MFP filter carts are now available with Parker's double length Moduflow Plus filter housings, for even more filtration.