Parker Fluid Connector Group
SensoControl® Analog Flow Sensors

Key Features

  • Four measurement ranges: 0.2 to 160 gpm
  • Accuracy of 1% FS
  • Measures pressure, temperature and flow
  • Supplied with diagnostic coupling and temperature measurement port

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Models Available

  • SCFT-0004-PD        
  • SCFT-0004-PDP       
  • SCFT-0004-EMA
  • SCFT-0116-PD 
  • SCFT-0116-PDP 
  • SCFT-0116-EMA 
  • SCFT-0380-PD 
  • SCFT-0380-PDP 
  • SCFT-0380-EMA 
  • SCFT-5160-PD      
  • SCFT-5160-PDP       
  • SCFT-5160-EMA

Parker Flow Sensors provide the ability to measure pressure, temperature and flow from a single test point in a hydraulic system. Constructed of light-weight aluminum, they are designed to be used with a wide variety of hydraulic fluids. This design also minimizes the effect of viscosity changes. Flow sensors are provided with a choice of PD, PDP or EMA style diagnostic ports and are designed to be used with Serviceman™ and the Parker Service Master equipment.