EDA Series Double Acting Ball Valve Actuator

Key Features

  • Reliable rack and pinion design.
  • High output torque and compactness
  • Integrated air manifold and internal porting
  • A solenoid valve can be mounted directly onto actuator body thus external piping is simplified
  • Double-acting and single-acting (spring return) models are available
  • Self-lubricating bands reduce friction and smooth piston travel, and increase efficiency
  • Limit switch available

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The HYDAC dependable rack and pinion pneumatic actuators are compact and efficient components with a trouble-free, high-cycle service life.

The double piston design allows significantly reduced cylinder diameter and overall size as compared to single piston design. 

Each piston has a gear rack that applies an equal force at two points directly across the diameter of a common pinion gear. This feature, combined with the patented suspension system, creates a symmetrically balanced, center-mount actuator with a short, powerful stroke, rapid response, and fully concentric operating loads for optimum life expectancy and performance in control valve applications.

Optional Limit Switch

  • Enclosure: NEMA 4, includes 2 SPDT switches plus visual indicator.
  • Switches: up to 250 V AC or DC. Contacts: N/O and N/C
  • Temperature: -4? to 175?F
  • Housing Material: Aluminum housing, polyurethane finish.


  • Operating Pressure: 120 psi max.
  • Rotation: 90° Pressurize port “A” for counter-clockwise
  • rotation (opening the valve)
  • Temperature: -4? to 175?F
  • Materials: Aluminum housing and shaft, polyurethane finish.
  • Service Life: up to one million cycles
  • Mounting: Bottom flange and square drive to ISO 5211
  • Top and solenoid flange to VDE-VDI 3845 NAMUR