Parker Hydraulic Group
CB Series Counterbalance Valves, Sandwich

Key Features

  • Controlled movement loads.
  • Load holding via leak-free poppet valve.
  • Secondary relief protection for the actuator.
  • Sizes:
    • CB03 – NFPA D03 / NG6 / CETOP 3
    • CB05 – NFPA D05 / NG10 / CETOP 5
    • CB5H – NFPA D05HE / NG10 / CETOP 5H
    • CB07 – NFPA D07 / NG16 / CETOP 7
    • CB08 – NFPA D08 / NG25 / CETOP 8

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Series CB counterbalance valve controls the actuator movement with overrunning loads.

The return flow from the actuator is piloted and controlled by the inlet flow to the actuator, ensuring a cavitation-free lowering of the load.

The counterbalance valve operates as a pressure relief valve. The setting pressure is lowered by the pressure in the inlet line. To ensure safe load holding the setting pressure should be approximately 30% higher than the max. load pressure.