LIM, LIR, LIC Pressure Control Cartridge Valves, 2-way, Relief, Reducing, Compensators, Size 16-80, Max Flow 160-5400 L/min

Key Features

  • Flow up to 5400 l/min at Delta p = 6 bar.
  • Pressure up to 350 bar.
  • Pressure controls: relief, reducing, compensator
  • ISO 7368 size from 16 to 80

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LIM, LIR and LIC are pressure control valves composed by a 2-way cartridge housed in a standard recess and by a functional “cover" .

The cartridge is composed by a poppet  hydraulically piloted by means of internal connections in the cover (X, F, Y) and sliding into a drilled sleeve ; cracking pressure value depends on poppet spring .

Pressure relief valve  with manual setting is housed in the cover for sizes 16, 25 and 32 and is mounted on the cover for sizes 40…80.

Poppets may have different geometrical shapes and area ratios as described in section  to optimize the control.

These valves are available in standard sizes 16 to 80 according to ISO 7368 (DIN 24342).