Parker Hydraulic Group
PRDM Series Manapak Pressure Reducing Valves

Mounting Pattern

  • NFPA D05, NFPA D08
  • CETOP 5, CETOP 8
  • ISO NG10,  NG25

Key Features

  • Direct operated pressure reducing valves
  • Integral pressure relieving function

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  • PRDM Manapak sandwich valves may be selected to reduce pressure in the 'P' port, 'A' port or 'B' port.
  • The direct operated, cushioned piston design results in fast response, low leakage and minimal hysteresis.
  • Up to nine pressure adjustment ranges are available with maximum pressure settings.
  • Adjustment options include: internal hex screw, hand knob or internal hex with key-lock.
  • Fluorocarbon seals are standard for multi-fluid compatibility.
  • Available gauge port connections include SAE and NPT.