Parker Hydraulic Group
CHL / CHH Series Compact Hydraulic Cylinders

Key Features

  • Rigid, low-maintenance construction
  • Through-hole or foot mountings simplify attachment
  • Male and female threaded rods for easy machine connection
  • Single and double rod construction permits multiple functions
  • Integrated position sensing with user-adjustable sensor location
  • High performance gland seals for long working life
  • Rugged piston and rod assembly for total security in high frequency applications
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The CH series of compact double-acting hydraulic ‘block’ cylinders provides a simple, cost-effective means of applying high density force for movements of up to 100mm. The CHL range employs a one-piece extruded aluminium body and is suitable for working pressures up to 100 bar. The heavier-duty CHH cylinder uses a one-piece steel body and may be used for working pressures of up to 160 bar. Stroke lengths are offered in fixed increments up to a maximum of 100mm; non-standard strokes are available on request.